Endoscopy and Colonoscopy (day +946)

Instead of going home like we’d hoped, Clark had to be prepped for an immediate endoscopy and colonoscopy. This was a procedure that we had previously discussed, so agreeing to have it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. I was, however, hoping that we could have scheduled the procedure in advance instead of expediting the process. Having 3 kids that all need attention is very difficult when one is in the hospital.

Before the colonoscopy, Clark’s GI tract needed to be empty, so Clarkie had to stop eating (except for jello!). He also had to start a mild laxative called Miralax. This is a powder that the nurses mixed with apple juice. Over the next 2 days, Clark had 21 packs of Miralax with 5 litres of apple juice. He gulped down the first litre, but the next 4 litres were a challenge.

The procedure went well, but Clark’s large intestine, esophagus and stomach all looked fairly normal. There was a small patch of swelling in his stomach, and a few dead cells, but there were no signs of bleeding. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t bleeding in his intestines. It just means that the bleeding must be in his small intestine — an area that the scopes cannot reach.

We have discussed a capsule study with Clark’s team of doctors. This is a camera in a pill capsule that is approximately the size of a large vitamin pill, which most patients can swallow. The camera takes multiple pictures on the way down through the GI tract, and it saves the images to a device that Clark will wear around his waist. We will schedule this procedure for another time as there is a lot of prep work to be done first. Since Clark is too small to swallow a capsule that is so large, he will need another endoscopy​ to place the capsule past his stomach.

Clark had another ultrasound to check his liver and spleen. His spleen is slightly enlarged, but nothing to be concerned about; some people just have larger spleens.

Clark finally went home on Thursday night. He was just in time to enjoy two birthday parties over the weekend!

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