Pre-Vaccine: Thrill Seeker (Day + 279)

Even before Clark could walk, he loved to climb. Many of his bruises have been from falling off a chair, bed or couch he has climbed onto. Then Clark started to walk, and run. Leading to more bruising and head bumps.

Just recently, Clark has become more daring. Instead of just walking on the edge of a sidewalk (or any narrow path that drops down on either side), he is now running on ledges! And he doesn’t want to hold my hand.


Last week Clark decided to climb on some bleachers. I was right beside him, and would only let him play on the bottom 2 steps. But still, he managed to fall, cutting open his eyebrow. Face bleeds are known to bleed. A lot. And Clark was no exception. Thankfully Clark’s platelets are high, but he still has hemophilia, so I had to get the bleeding to stop. Half a paper towel roll later, Clark stopped bleeding on his own. This was a great sign. If it hadn’t stopped, we would have had to given Clark some factor. Which can only be done at the doctors or hospital, since it needs to go in through a vein.

Pre-Vaccine: Fun in the Sun and Snow (Day + 256)

As Clark continues to thrive, our family keeps venturing out. We spent a windy day at the Crissy Fields beach in San Francisco to fly kites, as well as dig in the sand. It was pretty cold, but beautiful, and a lot of fun!


The following weekend we rented a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe.  We drove up on a clear beautiful day, and enjoyed a midnight stroll to grab some dinner before heading in for bed.




When we woke up the next morning, we looked out the window to see a winter wonderland! It had been snowing all night, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside! It felt like Christmas. After the boys spent a few hours in the snow, we headed out into the blistering cold, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying  town. And the best way to  warm up on a cold day? Hot chocolate and cookies!



That same afternoon, the sun came out, and turned all the snow into massive puddles. Perfect for their rain boots. :) This also helped us with the drive home, since we no longer needed to put chains on our tires.