Speech Therapy (Day +541)

Clark’s Speech Therapy is taught in a pre-school setting. His class has 5 other students, his teacher, and the teachers assistant. Clark was very shy at the beginning of the school year, but he has slowly warmed up to his classmates and is now making friends. We’ve already been on one play date after school, and will hopefully have more to follow.

Once a month his class has show-and-tell where the kids are able to tell the class about a special toy or book. They also have a “cooking” day where they make their own snacks. This usually consists of decorating a cookie, or making an animal face with a slice of bread, m&m’s and pretzels. Clark takes great pride in his projects, and loves to eat them afterwards. The kids work on enunciating words, sounds and full sentences while they cook, create art projects, sing and read stories.

Clark has come a long way since starting speech. He is now a little chatter box! I often need to ask Clark to repeat himself, but his language is becoming more clear each week. And because I understand what he is saying (most of the time), his temper tantrums have drastically reduced! We are all happier for it.

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